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Masturbation -- solo sexual pleasure -- is a normal and healthy activity almost everyone engages in. Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with masturbation, it's certainly a taboo topic for some. More importantly, it's private. As teens discover their own sexuality, they are very likely to start exploring their bodies. The question is, how do you keep something that is supposed to be private private when you live with your parents and perhaps others, like siblings?

Why Masturbation Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

Masturbation is the ultimate "safe sex". Nobody gets a sexually-transmitted disease from themselves, after all, and there is no risk of pregnancy either. Self-exploration provides a relaxed and risk-free sexual outlet, then. (Note: It is indeed possible to get genital herpes after touching oozing oral herpes. Though HSV-1 is usually responsible for oral herpes while HSV-2 tends to lead to genital herpes, both types can infect genitals and the oral region, as well as the eyes. Keep your hands clean, whether you have herpes or not.)

In addition, masturbation enables people to discover what they do and don't like. People who know what they like don't have to rely on their partner to figure it all out by themselves, saving couples from a lot of bad sex down the line.

Making Sure Others Don't Walk In On You

Living with other people can make it tricky to find opportunities to spend time completely by yourself, whether you want to reflect on the day's events or masturbate. Not only do you want space for yourself, you also don't want anyone else to know what you're doing. Just how do you pull that off?

If you have a room of your own, your private space is probably a good place to do private things like masturbate. Be careful when you do it, though. You might be able to get away with doing it during the day if you have a lockable room. You could start by saying you can concentrate on that homework much better if nobody interrupts you. Then, either lock your door or agree on a "knock first policy" and wait and see if that's really enforced before you do anything you wouldn't want others seeing. Once you are sure your private space won't be breached, you can do whatever you want.

Is locking your room or agreeing nobody will come in not an option? Then masturbating at night under the sheets might be your best bet.

The bathroom is another good space for masturbation. Just run a bath or have a shower, lock the door, and have fun.

A Note About Noise And Mess

Masturbation is going to be a lot more private if you don't make a lot of noise, so keep it down. Boys will have a mess to clean up after they ejaculate. Getting tissue paper ready in advance is always a good idea. Those who masturbate in the shower won't have to worry about the mess, but do everyone a favor and clean the shower cabin or bathtub afterwards -- yes, with a bathroom cleaner and not just with water.

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