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Masturbation is a normal component of everyone's sexual life. There are many benefits of masturbation in terms of psychological and physiological well being for both men and women, some of which include hormonal balance, stress relief, lower risk of cardiovascular disease, etc.

Masturbation frequency data

Some people masturbate once a month, some few times a week, and some every day. Studies have shown different estimations of masturbation frequency. In one study conducted in 1997, 74% of men and 48% of women reported masturbation, and in the other one conducted in 1994, the percentages were 90% for men and 6% for women. Anyway, all of them agree that men masturbate more often than women. Masturbation frequency is also higher in persons with higher level of education and in individuals with problems related to sexuality or reproductive organs.

How much masturbation is too much?

The most common question, especially among young population, is: "How much masturbation is recommended and when is it too much?" This question cannot be answered in general because not all of us have same sexual needs.

The main point is that the masturbation limit is not exceeded as long as it doesn't disturb normal sexual and social life of an individual.

In other words, if you notice side effects such as fatigue, lack of interest for sexual activities with your partner, concentration problems, and other symptoms, and you still have the need to masturbate, you should contact your psychologist to try to resolve the problem. So the recommended frequency of masturbation is individual, but we can safely say that extreme cases are not recommended. For example, people who masturbate multiple times every day can experience sexual exhaustion and hormonal changes. In men, too frequent ejaculation can cause the leakage of sperm due to disturbed activity of ejaculation valve which is responsible for holding the sperm until the moment of ejaculation.

In extreme cases, the need to masturbate can progress to compulsion, producing problems in the workplace, family issues, eating and sleeping disorders, which are the features analogue to other addictions such as gambling and alcoholism.


When we talk about recommendations, the opinions are different. Some scientists claim that one should masturbate as long as there is the desire, while the others limit the recommendations to few times a week, which is the frequency that cannot harm but can produce beneficial effects.

It is natural to explore new things and try different ways of masturbation, but try to keep away from improvised tools and extreme techniques that can affect your health in a bad manner.

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