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Young guys are almost universally interested in sex, but they also have another thing in common: worrying about whether "releasing sperm" through masturbation too often causes any harmful side effects. Here's what science has to say on the topic.

Human sexuality is, of course, one of the most-discussed health topics out there — it affects every single person in one way or another, and in a very primal way too. 

Teens are perhaps most thirsty for information about sex and sexuality, both because their bodies and minds are biologically wired to be interested in sex in theory and in practice, and because contemporary sex ed often leaves a lot to be desired. The abstinence-only model of sexual education actively or indirectly teaches that sex is shameful, and that teens should keep any curiosity about sex to themselves or within their peer group. [1]

In this general environment, it's no surprise that old attitudes towards sex rear their head all the time, and that particularly applies to masturbation — which research suggests people experience as the most uncomfortable and sensitive sexual topic [2].

Despite the medical community's efforts to make it clear that masturbation is normal and even good for general health and wellbeing, the idea that anything other than procreative sex in the context of marriage is kind of "yucky" is still alive and kicking [3].

Where does that leave us?

Well, it leaves us, here at SteadyHealth, with an abundance of user questions exactly like this one:

my age is 15 ive been releasing sperm from the age of 11 and now im 15 i just wanna know that what will happen to me or what will be the harmful symptoms that may occur to my body and how to stop this plz help me i need ur help they say     that i will lose my my memory, i will have less memory power, ill will become weak, my face will be full of pimples, i wil lose my hair,and many more things so please help me by teling HOW TO STOP THIS? AND THE SYMPTOMS.

Thank God, the creators of the internet, or whatever other entity of your choice, that the world wide web is around to answer these very basic and yet essential questions — when nobody else apparently will. 

So, what are the "side effects of releasing sperm every day"? And does it matter whether a man "loses sperm" in his sleep, following masturbation, or after having sex with his wife? Let's take a little look. 

Does 'Releasing Sperm' Daily Reduce The Quality Of Semen?

A study of 21 young, healthy, and sexually active men investigated the effect daily ejaculation has on a man's semen quality. Ten days of daily "sperm release" or "taking out sperms daily" (as many inquiring young minds apparently like to call the phenomenon) didn't lead to a significant change in calcium and magnesium levels, and the study authors concluded that daily ejaculation actually improved the quality of semen. Since the participants' semen samples were analyzed in a lab setting, we'll assume that they were obtained as the result of masturbation. [4]

In short, neither daily sexual intercourse nor daily masturbation is bad for your sperm health. Go right ahead and "remove sperm daily", and nothing bad will happen to your swimmers. 

Does 'Releasing Sperm' During Masturbation Cause Pimples?

The idea that masturbation leads to acne is a very common concern among young males. Here's the thing. Around 94 percent of male high school students will suffer from some level of acne, along with 92 percent of female high school students. A lower 14 percent suffers from moderate to severe acne, but getting pimples is, as you can see, almost inevitable during the teenage years. 

Why do teens get acne? A family history, puberty, oily skin, being stressed, and eating sweet and oily foods were identified as the main risk factors for acne among young people of both sexes, with premenstrual hormone-rage being added to the list for girls. [5]

What wasn't mentioned? Oh yes, masturbation and sex, in short, "releasing sperm". I can't point you to a scientific study that proves masturbation doesn't cause pimples, but I also certainly can't tell you where to find a study that shows it does — because no such study exists. 

Does Ejaculation Through Masturbation Cause Baldness?

About 42 percent of men between the ages of 18 and 49 suffer from moderate to extensive male pattern baldness [6]. Male masturbation statistics vary by age, but never dip below 46 percent — and that one's in the 70+ age category. Sixty-two percent of males between the ages of 14 and 15 masturbated over the past year, along with 75 percent of those aged 16 and 17, 81 percent of 18 and 19-year-old males, and 83 percent of males between the ages of 20 and 24. [7]

To put it simply, if ejaculation through masturbation really caused baldness, more men would be bald. Rest assured that the "effects of losing sperm daily" don't include losing your hair. 

What's More...

There's no evidence that masturbation causes your manhood to shrivel up and die, that it will cause hair to grow on your palms, that it causes memory loss, or that it will lead you to become "weak".

Your body naturally releases sperm even when you don't actively participate — 83 percent of males have reported experiencing a wet dream (or nocturnal emission) before [8].

There's nothing in your brain that sends the signal to start giving your body harmful side effects when sperm comes out after masturbation, but that stops the same from happening when you have a wet dream or have intercourse with a partner. Your mind may know the difference, but to your body, ejaculation is ejaculation, no matter by what means it's achieved. 

Frequent masturbation is no more harmful to your body than frequent sexual intercourse is (and it isn't). In fact, the opposite is true, since masturbation cannot cause sexually transmitted diseases. 

Does That Mean That Frequent Masturbation Has No Side Effects At All?

No. Research did find that frequent male masturbation is inversely associated with mental wellbeing, that is, that it's linked to poorer states of mental health. That doesn't necessarily mean masturbation causes poor mental health, but it does mean that guys who are already feeling rough are more likely to be drawn to masturbation for some reason. [9]

Certainly, those who personally feel that masturbating is morally wrong, because their cultural or religious beliefs teach that for instance, are logically more likely to experience feelings of guilt after "releasing sperm" as well. If this is you, and if you worry that masturbation is causing you problems, refraining from doing it makes sense. 

Likewise, a sex addiction (or hypersexual disorder), in which someone finds it very hard to change sexual behavior they find problematic or that impairs their life [10] — even though they have committed to changing it — is, well, not something you want to be stuck with. If you have become obsessed with masturbation or you are doing it so frequently that you've lost interest in other things, go talk to a therapist.