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Traditional Chinese Medicine has a very complex theory of the relationship between masturbation in men and knee problems. I'm not a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, but the theory goes something like this: The kidneys store a kind of energy called jing. Everyone has a fixed supply of jing at birth. There is no way to get any more of this particular kind of prenatal jing during your lifetime. You can only slow down the rate at which you use it. If you take good care of your digestion, if you are emotionally grounded, and if you eat a healthy diet, then you can accumulate a small amount of postnatal jing, but this energy is used up in making your teeth, in maintaining your kidneys, in, if your are a man, in the production of semen, and in the maintenance of your brain and knees. If you are a man who wants to have healthy brain and healthy knees, the ancient theory goes, you need to ejaculate very seldom, just once every five days even if you are a teenager, and after the age of 60, most experts in the field say, not ejaculate at all.

You will probably never meet a modern, Chinese-trained physician who takes this theory literally, although any doctor trained in China will still be familiar with it. Most modern Chinese doctors in China consider this to be metaphorical, good advice in ancient terms that provide a good basis for questions but not a good basis for diagnosis. Ancient China needed men who worked in the fields or who fought China's enemies; it was good for the state to discourage having too much sex.

Nobody other than a few fans of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the West who for various reasons reject scientific medicine is likely to consider any of this literally. However, if you experience knee pain when you masturbate, it's possible that:

  • You have been taught that this is the way your body works, so when you have masturbated, and you feel guilty about it, you are especially sensitive to pain in your knees.
  • You have internalized the idea that masturbation is sinful and must be punished, so you punish yourself by injuring your knees.
  • Masturbation to the "point of exhaustion," multiple times per day, interferes with the way a man's body uses testosterone. One of the functions of testosterone is to help the bones absorb calcium and other minerals, so if you masturbated ten times a day for a year, you might actually notice some bone pain in your knees, but also all over your body.
  • Many sports experts believe that masturbation and sex increase testosterone levels, which in turn increase aggression. Among men who play sports, a lot of masturbation might take away from the mental game and increase the risk of injury on the field or on the playing court, but not just to the knees.
  • Not having any sexual activity at all, neither masturbation nor sexual intercourse, also interferes with the way a man's body produces testosterone and may, over a period of a year or more, cause deterioration of both bone and muscle, but, again, not just in the knees.

​It's also remotely possible that in men who need a relatively long time to reach orgasm that the way they hold their knees could cause temporary knee pains, but it is highly unlikely that this would result in any kind of injury in any male who is well enough to masturbate at all.

Punishing oneself for masturbation usually does more damage than the act itself. If you are concerned that pleasuring yourself is damaging your body, resolve to pleasure someone else. Do the things you need to do to enjoy sexual intercourse rather than just autoerotic stimulation.


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