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Being an important part of everyone's sexual life, masturbation shouldn't be underestimated and considered taboo in both men in women. Masturbation boosts immune system, improves mood, brings hormone levels in line, and helps eliminating the pressure of everyday life. Besides that, in every relationship, there is always one that has higher sexual needs than the other one, so masturbation is a perfectly normal way to satisfy your sexual needs.

Women claim that masturbation is much more successful if there are appropriate conditions to allow getting in the mood. It can be taking a shower, putting on body lotion, music, or candles. Make sure you will not be interrupted by anyone, as that can help you relax, turn your phone off, etc.

Erogenous zones stimulation

Clitoral orgasm is achieved by stimulation of clitoral area by using hands or tools, while vaginal orgasm is achieved by stimulating the inner walls of the vagina, usually with fingers or tools. Many women state that the stimulation of clitoris leads to more intense orgasms that are achieved more easily than during vaginal stimulation. The intensity of stimulation should be increased gradually until the full satisfaction.

Grafenberg Spot or G-Spot is another erogenous zone that can be stimulated in order to achieve an orgasm. It is located in the front wall of the vagina, but the exact location is variable and it may not even be present in all women. However, scientists have found that this area has a bit different microscopic structure than the rest of the vagina and that can be the reason for its stimulation properties. During the last few years, it has been discussed whether this region should be preserved during surgical procedures.

Stimulation of other erogenous zones, such as neck, breasts, ears, inner thighs, anal region, and lips can also contribute to greater amount of sexual pleasure. Of all these, anal stimulation seem to be most commonly reported as useful for achieving orgasms because of the great number of sensitive nerve endings in the skin of anal region.

Important tips

Although it is ok to use tools, it is always recommended to go to a sex shop and purchase tools specifically designed for that purpose. Lots of these tools can be found online too. Never use improvised tools that can hurt your sensitive parts and cause infection and irritation due to contamination. Always keep good hygiene and never use the same tools for anal and vaginal stimulation, as some bacteria from rectum can cause urinary infections if they enter urogenital system. Avoid unusual and extreme ways of masturbation that include applying high amount of pressure, torsion, and other stimuli that can cause damage to your genitals.

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