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There is no doubt that E-Cigarettes and shisha pens are on the rise. It is a new way for tobacco manufacturers to appeal to the especially younger audiences. The pens are the new trends among young people. Although many believe they are better alternatives to cigarettes and even actual hookahs. This cannot exclude the fact they can be harmful to your health.

The pens are now more appealing and popular than ever and this is as a result of the fallacy that they are entirely safe.

They are easier for teenagers to buy, and many stores and other manufacturers have now added the pens to their line of new "pleasure-seeking" inventory. Don't be fooled by this. It is yet another attempt to simply use individuals especially teenagers at any costs, and capitalize from this trendy "new fad".

Most, if not all schools, especially since those with a no tolerance policy for drugs will automatically place shisha or hookah pens in the same category, even though they claim to be tobacco-free. The schools are also aware that not all the pens are nicotine or tobacco free. Therefore, even if your pen is nicotine free, and your friends use it otherwise - this is a major concern for the school.

For this reason, it is understandable why schools would prohibit them regardless. In their justification, they are there to teach you. As such, to now form a new process or set of guidelines and procedures in which to determine what is safe or nicotine free is just not part of the school's educational agenda. This is similar to schools prohibiting guns from entering their grounds.

Shisha pens and similar smoking paraphernalia (addictive or not) is prohibited, and students should follow the rules of their schools.

Since some pens do contain nicotine, school officials could also be held legally liable for any negative events or incidents involving students while under their care. Nicotine is a toxic chemical that is found in tobacco plants. It is a very toxic, unsafe, and addictive agent, used many years ago as an insecticide and fumigant.

Many shisha and hookah pens, are packaged with the same chemical, once used to kill insects. Can you imagine how toxic this must be especially to minors? The manufacturers are packaging them in a "safe" enticing way in that they will add cherry, peach, mint and other flavoring to them to appeal to teenagers.

The misconception behind shisha pens and even hookah in general is that they are safer to smoke than regular tobacco products. This is a myth. ALL tobacco products are unhealthy. This would then include however cute and nicely packaged; those shisha pens and e-cigarettes that leaves no trace of ashes.

Be smart, conduct your own research, speak to your doctor and stay informed.

Although the pens can mask certain smells, and they are cheaper, remember this comes at a price, and cannot be healthy for your lungs, and throat, at any age.

If the idea is to simply have a pen and bring it to school to look and be "cool." There are much safer ways to be cool, and do not involve you getting into trouble with the law or getting expelled from school.

Shisha pens- nicotine - filled or not, are and will be prohibited in schools: It is safer for you, your classmates, and the teachers. Please try and adhere to your school's procedures. The incident in which others used your pen for other substances is a perfect reason why schools prefer to not have to deal with this at all.

The bottom line is that nicotine is highly addictive, and exposure to even tiny amounts can be very fatal and in a very short time. If the pens, cannabis, alcohol, and other substances are consumed, the school will be held liable and could be sued.

This risk is what your school officials and teachers are trying to prevent, and most of all to keep you safe and healthy while you are under their care.

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