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So basically I am under 18 and started smoking shisha so should I stop? How do I stop? Is there anything wrong?


The e-cigarette industry has little to no regulations at the moment.

E-cigarettes and Shisha pens contain chemicals and for the most part the disclosure of chemicals found in them is not contained in the packaging label if they even have them.

Many of these products contain nicotine.

You are inhaling chemicals directly into your lungs that unfortunately are completely unknown including the potential health risks.

Remember at one time cigarette smoking was the cool thing to do before the dangers and health risks were revealed to the public e-cigarettes could potentially have the same health risks and addictive nature as tobacco products.

It is an industry that targets young people through packing, scents and the look of the devices which appeal to younger people.  

Smoking is bad and deadly e-cigarettes are not a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes.

There are nicotine free products available to help with quitting smoking money would be much better spent on devices to aid in stopping smoking of any kind.