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Okay – so I’ve been using the lantus 3 ml cartridges for the last don’t know however long but now I’ve been told that I can’t have them any longer and I’ve got to use a throw away pen?! Why? I’ve always like using the cartridges as is and I don’t really want to use the pen (not that I seem to have any choice in the matter). Does anyone know why I’ve got to change and why it’s now only available in the pen? Any advice appreciated – it just seems like a right carry on when I was happy with the old cartridge. Thanks


It’s a really good point that you’ve brought up here, cos like you loads of people are having to change the way that they give their meds. And yes, you are right – it isn’t possible to use the cartridges any more and you will need to move to a pen for your insulin. The reason that this has happened is simply that the manufacturer has stopped making the cartridges and moved to a disposable single use pen.

There are lots of reasons why manufacturers change the way they package their drugs and the way that develop the ways that they are given. Many drug companies do loads of research to look at what patients need from their meds and try and help with convenience, ease of use and how safe and patient friendly they are. There’s been lots of companies move towards using disposable items in an attempt to make life much easier for patients. Some times change is hard to deal with especially when you’re really happy with your treatment – and no matter what companies do the things they change won’t always be right for everyone. Maybe you should try the pen – you might find that you prefer it in the long run – some of the pens certainly look cool and the dose can be really easy to measure. Have a go – you might find it’s not as bad as you think it might be.