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It is tough to give up bad habit like smoking.Many people tried to give up smoking.But very few among them were able to give up this bad habit.But we can use alternative of tobacco.We can use E-cigarette.It is very cost effective .So the people who want to leave tobacco can check this modern science's gift.


Tobacco smoking is harmful, but so is chewing tobacco. Little research has yet been done about the health risks of e-cigarettes, but what is clear is that they do contain nicotine, which is itself bad for one's health. 

Perhaps e-cigarettes are better for the environment, though? I don't know if even that is true, but it does smell better, so who knows? If e-cigarettes could reduce only the risk of PASSIVE smoking by third parties, meaning the smoker only harms themselves, I would consider that a victory. 

Don't fool yourself that you're not doing any harm to your own health until much more research is done though.