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As the dangers of smoking and the importance of quitting is understood by more and more people, tobacco manufacturers are making their products more addictive. The study shows that nicotine levels have increased by 10% in the last six years.
Even those who turn to light cigarettes in order to cut down the nicotine levels may consider themselves cheated as the reports say that there is no significant difference in nicotine levels between the “full flavor,” “medium,” “light,” or “ultra-light” cigarettes.

Higher nicotine levels make consumers easier to get hooked and much harder to quit. Many people who decide to use the nicotine patches and gums in their effort to quit may find to benefits as the nicotine levels may match. Health experts should be aware of this and adjust the doses and strengths in these replacement therapies.

The three most popular brands Marlboro, Newport and Camel have been found to deliver much more nicotine that in the past years. However, Philip Morris USA, the Marlboro’s manufacturer did not return the calls to comment on this.

Smoking-related illnesses are so spread that they kill more people than AIDS, car accidents, homicides, suicides and poisonings do combined.


I believe that the nicotine levels have definitely increased in recent years. I have been smoking for more than 20 years now and I have tried to quit numerous times without any success! I have tried everything there is to try and the longest I have gone was 3 weeks, and every second of everyday all I could think about was smoking. However, I have started rolling my own cigarettes with a generic tobacco using a rolling machine I purchased on line that fills filtered paper tubes easily and quickly. My point is that the nicotine and tar of my self rolled cigarettes is substantially less that name brand cigarettes and they also do not seem to contain the many extra chemicals that are also added to name brand cigarettes. Without even trying I have cut my smoking down in half simply because I do not desire to smoke as much even though the home rolled cigarettes taste better than name brand. I feel in a matter of weeks I will be able to quit without the unbearable cravings and stress!!! I don't want to die!!