I am an Intersexed woman, born with 47 chromosomews rather than the usual 46. But I have all 46 X female chromosomes.Plus one Y.  By DNA, that makes me over 96% female and less than 4% male. But to the governments and people of the world they perceive only two sexes, male or female. I identify and live as a female. Yet legally stuck with male identification. The money required to change my identity is extremely expensive as well as not available where I presently live. Everytime I travel I have to dress as a man. Which I really hate. You see here in Latin America the men's restrooms consist of urinals. And I must sit to pee as well as have some privacy.

Because Intersex is an unfamilar term, I usually  say I am Transsexual. However up until menopauuse I produced my own female orrgans from my own internal female organs.Since menopause the awful effects of testosterone have taken over. I would like an orchiectomy to halt that. But again expensive and not easy to do.

Somehow T-gairls don't like me, but I ask to be an ally with you. As well as all others who do not consider themselves male or female or understanding of us. I am interested in hearing from others concerning sexual identity problems.Not even doctors are understandfing of me, and that includes transgender doctors.