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About 2 years ago, I had 2 separate weeks, where I experienced extreme pain in my left hip joint, when standing up straight (all weight going through joint).  Pain felt like several needs in the joint.  What was interesting is that when walking up stairs, I felt no pain, but yet could not stand straight with any weight on my left leg.   The first time it happened, my left hip blew up like a purple balloon (Dr said it was inflammation of the joint capsule,) the second time it happened there was all the pain but no inflammation.  There was also a creaking sensation when moving leg.

At the time, Dr sent me to Physio Therapy, and since then I have been doing the exercises several times per day.

I was also sent for an X-Ray, which came back as all normal.


The pain has now come back again today, first time in nearly two years.  Any suggestions as to what might be wrong with me.


amendment, post says 'felt like several needs' should have said 'felt like several needles'