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I heard that they were coming out with a stand up MRI machine? Where can I find a hospital that has one (mid-west)?

I believe my(thorasic) back slips out sometimes when I am standing. I have vere little pain when I sleep but standing, sitting causes swelling and pain. I have been fighting this off and on for the last 10 years. I believe the new MRI machine will show this movement in my back.

Doctors do not doubt the swelling in my back(very noticable) but do not know why.

I have had many MRI's in the "tube" and nothing ever shows up.

Have any ideas


Hi, Did you ever get any answers? There are 2 stand up MRI machines in the Chicago area. Your symptoms sound a lot like mine, but I took a HARD fall on left ribs 14 years ago and have been getting the run around since. Hope you have gotten a solution, and God Bless you in your pain, Pam