I had a fall five years ago and have been suffering with back, neck and shoulder problems since. I have been to a number of doctors, got injection therapy but still suffer worse today than I did after the accident. When I fell (manhole lifted and I fell in 4ft)I hit my back off the back of metal lip of the manhole on the way down. Ever since, T10 has been sore to touch and physio is very difficult to take in that area. I also suffer from a right shoulder injury (sustained from the accident also) and suffer from cervical headache. As of late I got two injections in my thorasic area, one in the ligament and one in the facet joint. After I got the latter, I have been experiencing problems with my legs i.e. burning shins, sore calves and thighs. I experience a very heavy leg sensation in the evening and in the morning moreso and light pins and needles in my feet (more like blood rushing down into them).

When I wake I have a very sore thorasic area, heavy legs and headache. Sitting or standing for any length of time causes me great discomfort.

My key concern is that T10 since the day of the accident has been sore to touch and I wonder why this has not healed, any advise would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance.