so I met this kid 2 years ago in 7th grade and I'm 15 now and in 9th grade. We have always texted on and off. I told him over the summer that I liked him but he said he liked me too but he also liked some other girl and after that we didn't text for the rest of the summer. There's like 2 weeks left of school and he texted me out of the blue and was being all nice and called me cute and said I had a nice body and blah and we started talking about how I was going to a different school next year and then he random was like "are you a Virgin" and I said yeah haha and he's like well "we could change that I mean nobody would have to know" and when I got that I was so surprised cause I figured he wasn't like that... But pretty much I said I didn't want to do it with him. I have had a crush on this kid forever and for some reason I still do after this but I feel like if I finally get into a relationship with him all he will want is sex.