I'm makayla and I have a problem! I met this really hot guy at our public pool and my sister she went for it she sat on his lap and everything. Me and him ended up going to school together. We ended up being really good friends he fell in love with my best friend. She knew I liked him so she only dated him for a while. The dance was a few days away. He asked me out and we went together and we dated till summer. The last Time I saw him was at the pool and I was really pissed so I blew him off. He moved to Elmore. Because me and my best friend were the only two friends he had. in two years we both ended up going to falls creek together. He and my friend dated again. She didn't like him that way so she dumped him and he dated another girl that went with us...   One night everyone got emotional and had to say what everyone though and like about each other.. He said the say nice things to me, my best friend and his girlfriend... I started crying because he said so much nice stuff about me... He still liked me but he didn't show it...I love him and I have his number and we sometimes talk but he is still dating that slutty hore cheerleader..........what do I do how do I tell him I still like him???????  Please I need help!!!