Okay so last year I was in 10th grade and I met this guy who was on my bus and he was a freshman. Well, the whole entire year we would flirt and stuff. Then at the very end of the year he would play with my hair, touch my hands all the time (like to hold it), and we would just flirt ALL the time. My friend told him that I liked him in the beginning of the year and he said he didn't like me like that and another friend again did the same and he said the same thing. The thing is it's not just me who notices that he likes me. Once while on the bus one of our friends yelled out "Why don't you just f*** already and get it over with!" and someone else said"Right?!? I couldn't be more obvious the have a thing for each other!" Now this year he hasn't been on the bus in the afternoon because he as sports practice so we haven't really talked. This is the first guy I have REALLY liked since my ex broke my heart in 9th grade. I really like him and I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. PLEASE HELP! I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY LIKE HIM!!! |-O :'( :'(