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It's all started when my mom was having a BBQ at my house my step father had invited all of his friends I really thought one of his friends were cute so later on that day my mom had sent me and my brother to the store with the guy I thought was cute to go buy something we didn't end up doing anything because my brother was in the car when we arrived at my house mind you I was 15 years old when we got to my house he ask to see my phone I gave it to him and he put his number in it I went to my room he sent me a text and said go to the bathroom I was so nervous was my first time doing anything with older guys I went to the bathroom and waited for like 2 mins he came in the bathroom I was sitting on top of the sink he grabbed my legs and started kissed me he pulled me closer to him and pulled his penis out and out my hand on it I was SO nervous that I told him I thought someone was knocking on the door and went running to my room weeks after what happen my mom left up to the city and left me alone with my little sister I had texted him and told him later on like at 4am he came to my house and we went into my room we were kissing and he ate me out and took my virginty I felt like I lost value of myself


Hi Ashley,

You were raped. 

At 15 you can not consent to sex, even if you want it, almost anywhere in the world.

Report him to the police.