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I hope this in the right section, I was a bit confused with the site navigation... but if it's in the wrong place I apologize, and if in the wrong section would it be possible for this thread to be moved to propitiate section? Thank you

Anyways...the issue

To make things short, basically there is this girl from my school who I think is cute..but since we don't have classes or mutual friends we never really spoke in person... I added her on fb, and liked one of her pics. She chatted me saying thanks for the like with smileys and what not. couple days later I chatted her and got her # this time. we texted afterwards and went really well.. next 2 days later, she sent me a chain letter (lol..) and I told her "wow thanks for sending me that :P" no reply... next two days I text "hey!" and she went Hey! :D" and after that I went 'whats up"... and never got a reply... I kinda gave up but I like her status which went like "like my status and ill answer these questions." Some of the questions were...

You Are: really cute[=
If we were dating: I just met you =
If you kissed me, would I kiss you back: Yes :o
We are: friends
We should:talk more
Whats special about you:your different then other people
Rate: 1-10:9
Describe in a single word:cute[=
Cuddle or kiss:both[=
Friend or date:mm friend
Have I ever had a crush on you ?: not yet lol

She seems a bit flirty...I replied back with "lol thanks! text me sometime!" and she replied "haha no problem =)! and okays!". I dont know, maybe she thinks im cute and maybe a bit flirty friendly.

Earlier today I did a "to be honest status" and wrote on her wall "tbh I think your pretty and we should talk more and get to know each other more" she replied with an "awh thank you!". I saw that as good cause someone else did a 'truth is' saying she was cute and that they dont talk, and all they got was a like :P.

I dont think know what to think? I'm thinking of going for her, but maybe I should wait for her to text me since I asked her too...or do you think I should text her in a couple of days or something because some girls are scared of texting first...

Any advice lol? Sorry this was a bit lengthy, and maybe I worry a bit too much. but im 15, and I was hoping some advice from you people could help with me this issue as well as use that information in the future.

Thanks for reading!


Hi! This could be five things that you can't do anything about or two things you can do something about!.

Either she is interested but scared by the thought of intimacy

she may be scared by growing up and becoming an adult - that usually makes us scared of the thought of a boyfriend because we in that age feel something that children wont in that connection --> (Fear of becoming an adult is more common then people think).

She may not be interested but too polite to reject you.

She may not be interested but enjoy the attention to a certain amount.

You may have waited for too long and be marked as a friend :-/

The three things you can do something about!:

Shyness. In this case you would have to take control and probably start off by something less agressive than asking her out (I am not that familiar with amarican culture!). Try leading a conversation and after a couple of those try asking if she wants to hang out!

Unknown. If she doesn't know you enough to be interested she might react this way too :-) In this case you might want to talk to her and not over facebook. It seems so unpersonal -> and so does texting (even though it's fun!)

Start by assuming the things you can do something about! If she rejectes you after that, then you may assume the things you can't do anything about.

These were the reasons i could come up with from what i read. If there's anything i missed i would like to know from ya'll! :-D

Good luck hunting!



Thanks for the reply! I think she might like someone else though. She just seems a bit flirty and friendly, but kinda what I said before.. she might have someone else in mind. I guess I'll try to befriend her but not become her best friend...I don't wanna fall into that friendzone and who knows maybe she'll come around and like me instead. Not going to force anything though, but I think I may know who she likes, and I think he might like her back... awww shucks :l.


Just tell her how you feel, and ask if she feels the same way. Maybe she's just as nervous about asking you, as you are about asking her. And you two will get nowhere if you don't do something now. What's the worst that's going to happen? She's going to say she doesn't like you in that way. But you will still be able to stay friends!! If she does say no, you may not have been meant to be.


i think you might be moving a little too quickly.
maybe try and talk to her just text her and be like whats up hows your day and so on then if that doesnt go well play the question game that way you can get to know her better as well. ask her if she likes someone or anything too.

try to talk to her but dont be too pushy too were youre bugging her. and if you think shes interested well then go for it and ask her on a date or something!

it wont hurt to try


Instead of spending time chatting on FB and texting her, why don't you try talking to her in person at school? If you don't know her that well, trying to get to know someone on FB and through texting won't work very well because it's very impersonal. However, when you are 15 years old, it can be a bit scary to go up and just start talking to someone you barely know. You're probably worried that she will think all these crazy things about you, but don't sweat it. Just walk up to her at school, introduce yourself (if she doesn't already know you), and tell her that you two have been chatting on FB. Tell her you wanted to meet her face-to-face. Hopefully, if she has any interest in you at all, she'll be nice and you two can start a conversation. The worst thing that can happen is that she doesn't turn out to be as great in person as she seems on the computer. Go into the situation looking to meet a new friend. If things work out, maybe it will be more. If not, maybe she has a female friend that you might be even more interested in. :)



hii, definitely dont act to quick she may catch you as the desperate type, and if you dont talk to her face to face soon she may go off you because she may think you are shy and that is also a turn off i dont no alot but i do no by past experience a boy that comes on to needed by text and fb and ends up asking you out isnt going to get a yes!, so she may not like you at the moment but if you take that small risk and walk up to her in school, you never no she may end up liking you :)