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PLEASE HELP Hello, this is a very serious matter and I'm worried, I've just gone 16 in July, I'm getting loads of pubic hairs, slowly getting armpit hair, but yet to have hair under my belly button, my penis still hasn't grown, it is just over 3 inches if I pull back the flab by my penis ( because I'm quite chubby, not to chubby though) my penis while erect is about 4 1/2 to 5 inches, but I'm still worried as the girth Is 1 inches, and my foreskin has not retracted, is this common in 16 year olds? I've read a lot into this and seen a lot about micropenis, but my penis is nowhere near that small, I'm also a very self conscious person so I wouldn't like to bring this up with anyone in person, thank you


Hi Jack.

Girth comes later usually.

Your penis lenght is AVERAGE for a 16 year old.  For an adult male it is 5.1" so you are close.  Being "chubby" can hide part of your penis making it appear smaller.

It is NORMAL for you to not to be able to retract your foreskin until 16 or so.  But, get working on it.  You can use your fingers to spread the opening OR get an erection and pull down on the shaft skin so that the glans (head) of the penis spreads it.  Don't hurt yourself but there may be some discomfort.  You might find it easier to do in the shower.  The head will be very sensitive at first - this is NORMAL too.

Remember, flaccid size (not erect) varies considerably.

Your other characteristics are NORMAL.

Hope it helps.