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I've been trying to get pregnant for six months now. I know my husband and i are not infertial because we got pregnant 7 years ago but were unable to keep the baby. I tried ovluation calenders, ovulation kits, and positions. I feel like I am failing. My GYN said to try the basal therm. Has anyone used it before and if so how did it work.


Firstly, an general ovulation calender will not tell you anything, imo they are totally pointless. There are alot of factors that decide if or when you conceive. Conceiving 7 years ago really has no relevance now, as alot can happen in that time i.e. you can have secondary infertility.

ARE YOUR CYCLES REGULAR? everything depends on this....

Basically you want to make sure you have sex on your fertile days. These are the 3 days before ovulation and the day of ovulation and most do the day after O for good measure.

The key aspects of this would be monitoring your cervical mucus, taking ovulation tests and charting your temperature.


If your cycles are always the same length, start taking ovulation tests 18 days before you expect your period to come. So if you have a 28 day cycle you take them from cycle day 10 and so on. If your cycles are irregular then start testing on cycle day 12. As soon as you get 2 equally dark lines, this means you are fertile for the following 72 hours. You take them approx 6 to 8 hours after you get up and NOT with first morning urine.

BBT - basal body temperature

I think what she is suggesting is that you chart your cycle. BBT is simple and easy and can confirm that you have ovulated. You need to get yourself a basal body thermometer.

- Every morning at the same time, you take your temperature, either orally or vaginally (i prefer orally)
- You take it before get out of bed, speak, drink ANYTHING at all.
- It has to be at the exact same time n after a minimum of 3 hours good sleep.
- Best thing is to keep it on your bedside cabinet, take it as soon as you begin to waken and note down the reading.

Your temperature should be low before ovulation, the day AFTER ovulation your temp will spike up dramatically from 0.5 to 1 degree higher and remain high until your period comes. You need at least 3 high temperatures to confirm ovulation. The temps should stay high for 10-14 days, they will then drop for 1-2 days and your period will follow. If your temp stays high for longer than 16 days and you are doing BBT accurately, then its highly likely you are pregnant.


You should have EWCM - egg white cervical mucus in the run up to ovulation. This is a clear, slippy, stretchy vaginal discharge, it helps transport the sperm through your cervix and up to the eggy. This mucus should be present approx 3 days before you ovulate. They say you should always have sex when you see this mucus, just incase, as it normally indicates fertility. The rest of your cycles the mucus should be dry, sticky or lotion like. If you find it is creamy and lotion like throughout your cycle, take Evening Primrose Oil 2000mg each day from cycle day 1 through 14.

So, now you should be able to know your fertile days, exactly when you ovulate and when to expect your period. If you find your period comes 10 days or less after you ovulate - you need to see your doctor about a Luteal Phase Defect.

Remember that even with perfect timing each cycle - it can take upto 12 cycles for a health fertile couple to conceive. Once you are over 35 you should see your doctor after 6 months of well timed failed cycles. 70% conceive within 6 months and 85% conceive within 12 cycles. Have some patience!!!! 6 months is not that long, especially if you have not got your timing right, remember you are only fertile for a max of 3 days each month.

Good luck


Thanks for the information, so just to get things right my temp should be low until i ovulate and then it will elavate???? I hope this works