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My husband and I had unprotected sex during ovulation, at least the way I was looking at the dates I was ovulating. I keep getting cramps, like I should be getting my next period, but nothing has happened yet and it has been almost a week. I am no longer on the birth control pill because my doctor told me to stay off of it. (my personality totally changed for the better when i went off of it, better attitude) Should I get my next expected period if I was pregnant? I'm not quite sure what to expect, if someone could help me out please? We would like to have a baby! Also how long exactly once you start your period do you ovulate? I hear differect numbers all the time so at least I will know if I am right with my dates.


One of the very first signs of being pregnant is a missed period, tho women have had their periods and have been pregnant at the same time, that doesn't happen often, but i am learning more and more about it.

Ovulation usually accurs about 14 days after the FIRST day of your LAST period. So, if you had your period on the 1st of whatever month, you should begin to ovulate about the 14th day of that same month. There are a few "hot" days in there where you would be most fertile.

Also remember, sperm can survive in your body for a few days after ejaculation, say you had sex on the 12th or 13th day before you began to ovulate, there is still a chance of pregnancy.

The cramping you felt may have been implantation cramps.

Good luck to you and your husband.