in august i had a miscarriage, i didnt know i was pregnant, had body cleaned out, bled for 7 weeks straight, after bleeding 7 weeks, i never had a period, Dec. 5, i had unprotected sex, the withdrawal method, i dont know if he pre-cum or not. This month Jan. 27 i started feeling sharp pains like period cramps, and started bleeding, not to heavy just enough to wear a pantiliner, i had sex the same day cause i had stopped bleeding completely, while having sex i started bleeding, the condom had a brown color to it, i went to the bathroom i wipe, it was gone, so the next day i started bleeding heavily, it leaked through pads and clothes, the followin day, it stopped, i didnt wear a pad, but when i sat down or moved it came back, again i put a pad on, since that day i have been bleeding 5 days non stop, but since the first time i bled i have not had sex. Could this be another miscarriage, body just now getting back on track, cancer, i know its not a STD, we both been tested the first time i found out i was pregnant, he is my only partner and my first we have been together 2 and a half years, Im only 19, is my life already ruined?