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ive nott had a period ever since july.
im started having bad backaches, lower stomach cramps in september.
its october now and there is still some crampin in my back and stomach but not as much.
i feel so bloated and its weird because i havnt had a period in while.
im also havin bad headaches. heartburn, my nipples are sensitive not all the time but sometimes.
and dont let me forget about the gas.. and whenever i hold my stomach its either gas or a baby.
i wish it were a baby. but im not forsure what is goin on. so someone please help me.
--->every month, one day a month, i spot, very light.
please help!



Dear Brandy, am I missing something, or is there some reason you haven't taken a home pregnancy test or gone to a doctor or clinic?

Is there some reason you want to keep yourself in suspense?

Nothing wrong with that, but if you want to know, why not take a test?