I had the Mirena removed on August 22nd. I bled for a couple days following. I know I O'ed September 1st according to OPK. I had some bright red spotting September 6th, 8th and 10th...thought maybe my period was coming early. It ended up coming September 14th. I thought at the time that the bleeding was just breakthrough bleeding caused from getting Mirena out just a few weeks before.

FF to this month...I O'd late (october 3rd). The next day, I started spotting again. Sometimes it gets heavy enough that I wear a pad but mostly its just when I wipe. However, I have been bleeding DAILY for 10 days now. When I was pregnant with my first two babies, I typically spotted most of my first trimester (even before I got a positive HPT). I have taken 2 tests (9 and 10 dpo) and both were negative. So, I am thinking I am not pregnant...or maybe I just tested too early.

Anyone else have something like this happen or any insight??