Hi, I have been on inplanon for 2 and a half years now and absolutely loved it until recently. I have been on period for over 30 days. I started the menstural cycle on aug. 24th and it has stopped at all. It will be light then heavy but hasnt completly stopped. Ive had irregular bleeding In the past but not this long. Today its lighter but still there. I have also been nauseated at night time the past two weeks and have been throwing up about 3 to 4 nights a week, very tired, and very nauseated. So I think enough is enough of this birth control. I talked to a nurse on the phone and she said I could be lacking iron now due to all the blood loss is this true? Has anyone else had my issue in the past or experiencing this? So I made the appointment I get the inplanon removed today. I just want to feel healthy again. please help I need some advice