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I am currently on birth control and have been for years. I have always started on the same day of my white pills until this month. I was 3 days late and then i only had it for 1-2 days..and it was hardly anything it was brownish in color. I always get cramps and bloating..and i did get bloating but no cramps with it. I have been nauseated for about a week in the mornings and sometimes in the evening. thrown up a few times. some smells and seeing some foods have made me want to throw up. Last night i was having some lower abdominal cramps but not like my period cramps. my breasts feel somewhat sore. I have take 2 pregnancy tests and they both have showed up negative.. some people have told me that i need to wait till possibly next week.

the first day of my last period was on december 23 and i had the mini/light perid on January 23 and it was over by the 24th.

can anyone help and give me some advice?! i have no idea about being pregnant just going by what ive heard from others and what ive read on the internet.

thank you!!


were you pregnant? i'm in a similar situation and in need of answers!