I woke up sunday morning very early with liquid style diarehhia and constant vomitting. I slept most the day only moving to empty my system..The only items consumed that day was half a glass of water. Monday came around and i continued to puke, i drank a little bit of water and flat ginger ale and flat sprite. Monday evening I attended emerge and blood was taken, I was hooked up to an IV for gravol/get fluids into me and sent home after wards. I ate half a bowl of chicken noodle soup and 1 piece of whole wheat bread with strawberry jam on it on monday.. I woke up tuesday around 6 feeling alright drank some apple juice and puked. i went back to the hospital where i was shot in the hip with gravol, given enfalac enfalyte and hook up to another IV for fluids. I was given a .5mg apo lorazepam to help me get a steady sleep, which was unsuccessful (i read the average dose for an adult is atleast 1 mg) and i was given ap prochlorazine 10mg to help with my nausea however I still can't keep anything down. I am 22 years old, male, and up until sunday weighed about 160lbs, i have dropped down to 150