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hey, i had my operation on monday at 9.30 am on 4th august 2008 - i am in soo much pain , i was discharged from hospital tuesday evening which i cannot understand as i didnt eat anything or cold barley swallow fluids also the only thing that relieved my pain was morphine which i obvioulsy havent been given to take at home. the doctors were more insistant on getting me home and not helping my discomfort.
i was given paracetomol, coidine, diflineck and now trandol which my bf had to go to the doctors and beg them for. i was sick this morning at 7am and when i phoned nhs direct on 0845 4647 they said to drink more and eat before taking tablets and i told her that is stating the obvious i am trying to do that ...anyway i have been lying in bed since tuesday evening, i find that talking makes it worse as my aunty came round and after that the pain was awful and i have eaten jam on toast - hurt so much - a few french fries and half a chicken sandwhich all of which i vomitted back up. i find sucking on ice cubes is good and when swalooing drinks to have ur head completely flat on the bed to enable gravity to pull the liquid down. i really wish the pain would go away or i could go back to hospital for some proper pain relief. does anyone have any more tips or feel any different to me? i find that sleeping is the best for it as long as you keep waking up for water as if you sleep with ur mouth open like me - its going to make the problem worse. xxxx


sorry your not feeling the operation was outpatient so i was home 30 mins after i woke up from the surgery...

drink drink drink..i know it seems redundant but it really helps the pain... i am on day 8...and im still in pain but i know it was get better..

you may be hurting more because of what your eating...toast and sandwiches and french fries are extremely rough and can cut/scratch your throat even more. i couldnt even eat those things now.

try jello, soup(nothing spicy), plain chicken broth, mac and cheese(made a little mushy), mashed potatos, popsicles. stay away from dairy, causes excess phlegm which causes coughing=not fun. make sure all the hot things are cooled before eating.

you will start to feel better once the scabs form, but keep in mind its only for a day or two, because when the scabs come off the pain comes back.

just remember...its going to get better and you wont have to deal with anymore tonsil issues.