I am 23 years old and it has been 7 days post op, including day of surgery for me. It has been miserable, and I have yet to decide if it was worth it. The main reasons I had the surgery were because I had tonsil stones that causes chronic bad breath and horrible taste in my mouth, 4 repeated bouts of strep within 4 months, and slightly enlarged adenoids. Day 1: Nervous for surgery because of anesthesia more than anything. During prep, doctor gave me scopalamine patch behind ear that is good for anti nausea for 3 days. They also gave me zofran threw IV. waking up was scary. I woke up in a coughing fit with the big oxygen mask on my face. Nurse told me to relax. Within about an hour and a half I had Drake 4 cups of ice water, ate one popcicle, and got up to use the bathroom twice before getting a dose of lortab for the road. I almost got in trouble for walking out of recovery unit instead of getting wheeled out. I knew from previous research that the first 2 days were the best chance to eat, so I took advantage! Day 1post op, I ate 2 rice pudding cups, a bowl of macaroni, and a large order of potatoes from popeyes with no gravy. Also countless popcicles. Day 2- Ate more pudding and macaroni, ate a bowl of broccoli cheddar soup from panera, etc. I felt fine. Day 3- When everything went down hill. Woke up with tight throat and pain. Felt nauseated. Around noon struggled thru a bowl of white rice. Tried taking liquid anti nausea med otc and proceeded to run to the bathroom immediately to vomit. NOT FUN. pretty much afraid to eat the rest of the day. Day 4- Pain even worse. LOTS of mucous. Called doc who recommended benadryl and humidifier at night with mucinex during day. Refused to take benadryl because I could not tolerate sleeping for more than 29 minutes at a time due to excruciating dry throats. Other stuff provided some relief. Day 5- Used spit cup all day. Gone thru 3 boxes of kleenex by this point due to mucous. Lips very chapped. Starving. Barely getting any liquids down. Everything else burns. Day 6- Still not eating. Ice chips and water only. Ran out of liquid pain medicine. Got refilled and took it at about 8:30 pm. Problem was it was a different distributor and the liquid was a different color (yellow instead of red) within 3 hours my tongue was so swollen I could not even breathe. Day 7- 1:30 am I arrive at ER. Given a bag of fluids, zofran, morphine, and steroids thru IV. Was still in pain after all that and was given 2 Norco before leaving the ER. Doctor diagnosed me with glossitis because the entire top of my tongue was cut up and burning. Pretty sure it was a reaction from the liquid pain med refill? Got home at 5 am. Immediately ate a bowl of soup while pain meds were still in effect. Felt good enough to talk again and eat again for the first time since day 3. Ate macaroni, ice cream, mashed potatoes, rice, and spaghetti noodles with butter. By the end of the day I am starting to feel a lot of the pain again. Constant burning from scabs falling off. Exhausted from lack of sleep. I have lost 5 lbs so far. My biggest fear is bleeding. I have my post op appointment tomorrow morning and I am planning on going back to work on day 11 but really beginning to reconsider. Doctor wants me home until day 17. I don't want to risk bleeding. Not to mention I work with young, germ-filled kids. I was also prescribed lidocaine/numbing mouthwash for my tongue situation but afraid to use it after it says trouble breathing and swallowing for one hour after. I already have that lol. Just trying to stay hydrated with tons of water. So sick of water and this disgusting taste in my throat. Anything else burns even after diluting with 3 75% water. I just want to sleep. Constant water and humidifier give little to no relief. I am so ready for this to be over. HELP!!!!!