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Stomach Virus Question. Need Help.? Sunday of last week i woke up in the middle of night with cramps, to suddenly go to the bathroom and have really bad diarrhea and the most awful cramps in the world. This lasted through Monday. Tuesday i still felt sick and decided to go to the Er, was treated for mild dehydration and diarrhea and given a Iv. Returned home that day and decided to eat two dogs and bread later that day threw it up because it didn't agree with my stomach. Wednesday I rested the whole day and ate little amounts of food. Thursday I felt ok but just got very nauseous in the morning which later passed throughout the day, still amount little amounts of food. Friday felt nauseous in the morning again but ate Chinese food later in the day and managed to keep it down. Now its Saturday I'm eating fine but i still feel really weak and sick. Any ideas why and what could still be wrong? Sorry for how long this is. Just need help. Kind of worried since ive been sick for 7 days now. Also, lost 4 pounds. I forgot to mention at the Er, that i was diagnosed with mild dehydration and diarrhea and also a slight stomach virus. I'm 100% sure I'm NOT pregnant so please don't say that. Also experiencing dry mouth even though I'm drinking. Still no appetite.


Hi Chelsea,

Your symptoms are consistent with a stomach virus.

It doesn't just necessarily end.  The symptoms can linger for a week or two.  Being dehydrated indicates that it was fairly severe.

Watch what you eat, bland is better during recovery and Keep drinking fluids - non alcoholic.  Take it easy too.

Hope it helps.