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Hello everyone I am here to share my story about my Tonsillectomy which was preformed using electrocute.

Pre-Condition:  I had been told by a past girlfriend and by certain people in my family growing up that I had bad breath (I guess everyone who dated me must of had no sense of smell).  I also produced Tonsil Stones.  In addition the biggest reason I wanted to get my tonsils looked at was the constant mild flu like symptoms I would have as well as one time my throat closed up so bad I went to the ear and just in time the symptoms went down before they were going to lance it.

I got an evaluation from a ENT doctor in Mt. Vernon, Washington.  He said that they were inflamed and that they aren't that big but if I wanted to he could see there being a benefit to getting them removed.  Long story short I signed up for the procedure.

Day 1:  I had been reading forums on here for so long and was so freaked out.  My only friend that was my age that just had it done had such bad things to say about the pain he went through.  I went in and them put me under and I woke up with a tube like you see in a dentist office sucking the spit out of my mouth.  It was sucking pinkish mucus but it really wasn't that gross to me.  at this current time (8 in the morning)  I wasnt really in any pain because of the local and general anesthesia .  I actually felt pretty allright but I knew this was probably not going to be the case after a few days.
I actually stayed near the hospital for the first 24 hours because I live on an island and it would be hard if I had the rare privilege of post op bleeding.  During this time it felt more like I had a frog in my throat.  All I took was Tylenol the first night.  Didn't sleep at all because it was uncomfortable though.  Drinking cold fluids and slushis was what brought the pain down every time the first and second day.  I was actually able to eat three taco bell burritos (it took a while but it was fine especially when i drank cold water after to take the swelling down).  at this point it was not enough pain to really complain about.  I was up and about moving.  final word of warning for this day though.  I thought i was passing wind in walmart when I was with my mom getting a slushi and the morphine must have caused me to have really bad diary that i couldn't stop after it started (probably going to be the worst part about my recovery story)....Such a bummer.  At this time I will add I slept every night with a humidifier.

Day 2:
  Woke up with bad heartburn (which i had coming into surgery but they gave me stuff to combat it which wore off).  I took some loratab (hydrocodone) in the middle of the night in hopes of it making me sleep better but I think I took too much because I didnt have a proper measuring device at the time.  I woke up really nauseous but I got over it around 10 to 11.  I only slept for about 3 hours in the night but it was really ok ...didnt bother me too much.  I continued to pound water when I could (peeing ever 15 minutes).  Ice water really is the best.  pain was still pretty normal.

Day 3 (current day):  I woke up constantly in the middle of the night and would go on facebook at talk to my friends overseas.  The pain started to ramp up on my right tonsil I started making sure i took something every 2.5 hours.  After wakeing up to extreme pain at 3 in the morning I ice packed my neck and drank 32 oz of ice water and took Oxycontin.  This brought the swelling down and I was able to sleep a bit more.  I started developing gross mucus and I was trying to cough it up when I realized it was bloody.  It was bright red and it stoped quick once I got up and drank cold water.  Its still mucousy but I dont think its bleeding really.  I hope that doesnt happen again.  right now the pain is normal again but im taking more water in hopes that I dont wake up to such a pain again tonight.


Hi there fellow Tonsillectomy friend! I am on day 6 now of recovery, I live in the UK so i assume recovery methods are different.

On Day 1 the tonsillectomy went fine but I developed a post op infection so i was kept in hospital for an extra day and had like 10 drips worth of antibiotics was not nice! 

I finally went home and have been taking their advice and eating what I want, I've been eating toast, burgers, roast dinner etc it hurts like hell but its worth it in the long run I really think it speeds recovery, i drink water at every opportunity, the one food which is amazing is crisps o my god these things clean your throat scrap away the rubbish and just fill that void in the stomach never let yourself go hungry you need to keep your energy levels up.

Im on day 6 now and yes it still hurts but not as much as people have been saying, i take my painkillers (tramadol) and my antibiotics and i just get on with the day.

One thing which i noticed is that i'm drooling a lot at night time which is strange!


Tonsils day 3 continued :

I really wanted this post to be a good example of what recovery should be but I was a very rare case and had something awful happen. Im so sorry so if you are worried about this procedure you might want to not read my post because it is not normal.  I will say that I was not in that much pain shockingly throughout any of what im about to tell you.

I continued to spit saliva with little blood drops in it.  I was confused as to whether or not when I swallowed what I was swallowing was just phlegm or blood.  I was spitting a lot and felt kinda unwell so I had my friend drive me to my moms where she  was.  again this whole ordeal I didn't feel much pain at all just weird maybe driping in the back of my throat but I couldn't tell.  after talking to my ENT's nurse my mom tried to convince me this was a normal day 3 kind of thing.  I then leaned over and tilted my head to have blood come out my nose.  She saw my point and took the day off and come home with me.  I gargled salt water and did took some epinephrine spray to try and close what they thought must be a slow little leak that was building up a little.  I started to feel sick and thats when the first sign of something wrong happened

I then threw up a bright red clot which looked like a worm growing in a dark red blood clot.  I then puked up 2 pints of more clots of about .5 inch to 3 inches sizes which were dark red mixed with the water and blood i had been apparently swallowing.  

I then went to my local health care provider and she said my throat looked “angry” but that their was a small leak now.  This meant perhaps something just wasn't clotting right and I had been swallowing blood from 3 in the morning to now which was like 3 in the afternoon.  My doctor talked with the ENT nurse and they decided I should go home and try the same things again.  

I started spitting up the same type of saliva again at around 5 pm.  I threw up a small clot but from how my mom was reacting it sounded like this could still be ok.  I knew I was going to throw up because I usually was peeing every 15 minutes from the water i was drinking and this stopped last time I consumed too much blood.  I then puked up a few more big 3-4 inch clots with a mix of bloody water (again total was like 5 pints of stuff i produced so far and if I actually lost this much blood I would be fading fast).  I was trying to convince my mom that I didnt think this was going to stop and then I threw up 15 minutes later the same amount of volume.  At that point I told her I was going to the medical center and she agreed we needed to.

When I got there the doctor on call tried to look down my throat but before he could I puked up more clots and blood that filled his medical bucket up half way.  He initially told me we could fly to the mainland in a plane which meant my mom could ride with me but halfway through this conversation I filled the bucket up (the intervals in which i was vomiting/coughing blood were getting closer and closer).  He then said a helicopter was our only option and got me on the table to put an IV in.  Once I layed down I just started pouring blood out of my nose and mouth.

Once in the ambulance the paramedics became more concerned about my condition.  My blood pressure was dropping fast.  before I got on the plane they had a second IV on me that was the largest gage they had.  getting on the helicopter they told me my blood pressure was something like 70 over 40 and my heart rate was 147.  I felt more and more like I was a blow up doll with all the water they had in me....and I was becoming colder and colder.  My head was in a hooped bag which i was filling up with blood.  clots were all in my nose and mouth and I was having trouble breathing easily.  I knew I wouldnt be able to cough them out of my airway unconscious so I spent my time trying to remain calm and keep my breath clear.

I made it to the hospital and had a bunch of people asking me questions about what was wrong.  I puked another buckets worth of blood.  I was now hyperventilating sitting up on a medical bed.  as I got my bearings about where I was I let out a “ I gonna be ok..” when they told me I was I started crying from happiness (I somehow had just accepted that I might not come out of this one on the ride over).  They found my blood type out but didnt end up needing it.  The ENT on call came to the hospital and cauterized the leak and another part I told him I was concerned with.  He was able to pump the blood out of my stomach  and put in a breathing tube all while I was under morphine with clots all over the place in my mouth.

I woke up with very little pain  just a sore throat.  The ENT told me he only had to patch a little bit and that I hadn't really lost any ground in recovering.  I spent the night in the hospital.  When I first went to the bathroom I couldn't recognize myself because of how pumped up with fluids I was.

(Shockingly no real bad tonsil pain lol so I guess you could call that a plus)

Day 4:  they discharged me and my ENT said the back of my throat looked nice and dry.  I was still and currently so freaked out that I might be bleeding but i made it onto the ferry and back home.  Pain was nice at nite because it told me I was at least healing (at least thats how i view it right now)  it was about a 6 out of 10 for the night which turned to nothing with 2 Oxycontin every 3 hours

Day 5:  and here we are on day 5 sorry this is so poorly written I wrote this whole thing out in the web browser and then it got delete by me pressing backspace.   

I am feeling much better now today (my lungs and body hurt from all the morphine).  I had the best night sleep as of yet even with the worst pain of yet (the pain goes right away with meds it just sucks waking up hurting).

more to come hopefully no more awful unexpected things.


End of day 5:

pain was up there in the 7/10 range but it was nothing more then the pain I ever felt with getting my impacted wisdom teeth out.  I have been eating re fried beans a guacamole to try and get my head to stop hurting and to try and start getting scabs off.  I lost a lot of blood so all day I have had a head ache and it just now is subsiding at 8 o clock.  I feel like tomorrows going to be great.  We shall see...


I am 16 years old and have had recurring tonsilitis for almost 2 years, missing heaps of important school work and damaging my grades. finally the specialist said i can have them out.
Straight after the surgery i was given morphine which didnt work and then tramadol which mixed with the morphone and made me sick but after an anti-nausea patch i was painless and dozed the whole day. I am currently on day 3 and i have eaten semi warm shepherds pie and cold spagetti and cheese. i have awful earaches and this is only the beginning! i have to take erythromycin, pamol and difflam throat spray every 4 hours plus tramadol when the pain is really bad but it only just takes the edge off! its hard to swallow and water is starting to taste yuck as well as ice cream! I can't wait till i can FINALLY eat a burger and fries and drink coke again!