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Hi, I am a 25-year old female and I had my tonsils taken out Monday (6 days ago) after years of reoccurring tonsillitis. After having read all the horror stories of people's recoveries I was prepared for the very worst and tried to mentally prepare myself to spend the following two weeks in agonising pain. However, so far this has been the easiest recovery I have experienced. Day 1 (surgery day): My surgery wasnt until 430pm and I had to stop eating and drinking at 7am, so the biggest issue was the hunger and dehydration pre-op. once they knock you out everything is fine. I woke up in recovery and had an icey pole - most gratifying icey pole of my life. They kept feeding me painkillers and antibiotics, and I tried to eat parts of a vegetable sandwich but eating made me feel sick. I stayed in hospital overnight and apart from waking up around 4am and throwing up every bit of liquid in my body, I was fine. Day 2: Woke up and ate 2 Wheatbix and a sandwich for breakfast. Took my panadol and was sent home with three different strength painkillers so I'd be able to moderate the pain. I lived off icey poles and had some pasta at night. It was uncomfortable to swallow, but I wasn't in any pain per se. Day 3: Slept like a baby, had oats for breakfast and just lazed around all day. I was still just on panadol (the lighter kind you don't need prescriptions for). Still no pain to speak off, I drank a ton of water and continued my 2-minute noodle/pasta diet. A friend came over in the evening and had brought fries, so I had a couple of those with no difficulty. Day 4: I decided to try to get through the day without meds since I had barely been in any pain at all. It made no difference whatsoever, apart from my tummy loving me more and not being so upset from all the meds anymore. Had eggs for breakfast to keep my protein levels up, ate half a tub of ice cream and some more noodles. Day 5: I have been told this is where the worst pain begins, so I was preparing for waking up in agonising pain - still nothing. I didn't take my meds all day. Ate oats for breakfast, made mac and cheese for lunch and had a whole box of fries with gravy for dinner. Apart from the disguisting taste in my mouth from the scabs, and knowing that I have a terrible breath, I barely notice that I had it done at all. Day 6: I woke up this morning and noticed that the horrible taste had gotten worse, but also that the white areas are smaller than yesterday, which is a positive. I also notice the blood blister I've had on my uvula since the surgery was finally gone! I just wanted to share this story because if anyone is at all like me and read up on horrible experiences before going into surgery, I would have wanted someone to tell me it doesn't have to be that bad or the worst weeks of your life. Stay hydrated and try to eat as much as you possibly can and it will help your recovery so much!


Hey malin im 37, healthy bull texan, got my tonsill out 11 days ago, clothe septic heating pad, and your mess +steack dinner every night easy pice, keep good attitude