Ok so my husband and I have been having unprotected sex for 4 years not activley trying to conceive but would have been delighted if we did. So last month we decided to start trying properly, we bought ovulation test stick, pre conception care supplements etc and had lots of sex just before and around ovulation. That was on the 20th November, I'm now on day 36 of my cycle (usually 31 days max). I know it sounds silly like what are the chances, but I've had odd symptoms like achey back, not so bad that it lays me up or anything but just a dull ache but it's be constant for almost 3 weeks and I've had abdominal cramps for over 2 weeks, just like light period cramps, I'm noticing them more at night and I convince myself that Its my period, then nothing, not spotting, nothing. I've also got really sore nipples, which are hard all the time, very odd for me as I have flat nipples usually. Also I get dizzy even just laying in bed and I get waves of nausea at anytime of day and for no apparent reason. I went to supermarket yesterday and nothing was making me feel hungry, infact the thought of handling the packaged raw meat was a nasty feeling, but not enought to make me heave. I feel very tired all of the time. Now I have taken 4 hpt's all negative. I have a doctor's appt for Tuesday to see if I can test there or have a blood test as I know I ovulated.

So what I'm asking is, can you miss a period, knowing you have ovulated and not be pregnant?

Also have any of you have experience of false negative HPT's?

I am not stressed at all, and recently had blood tests, thyroid and hormone function tests completed which were all very normal.

Any ideas???

Any stories would be great!!

xx %-)