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If I had unprotected sex on the 31st, and two weeks later found out I was pregnant when did I concieve. I had unprotected sex with a ex on the 25th of March. As far as I know he pulled out. Then I had sex with my bf on 31st of march. And he didnt pull out whatsoever. My last period was March 11. Last about 5-6 days. My periods have been acting funny. It will come almost a week early/or be a week late. So I dont know whos the father. My period for April was suppose to be here on the 13th. Oh keep in mind last week on the 9th I took a test and it came up negative, thats why I thought it wasnt my ex. Then on the 16 I took it again. And it was postive. So im confused. Help!


Hi DB,

Normally you'd ovulate between days 11-16 of your cycle, on a 28 day cycle.  Sperm can remain viable about 5 days.  Your egg, only 48 hours after ovulation.  Knowing when you ovulate, EXACTLY, would help give the answer.

25 March would be day 14 of your cycle - it's possible.  Even if he did not ejaculate there may have been semen.
31 March would be day 20 of your cycle, while possible, its getting late.

It's too close to say and the irregular periods don't help with narrowing it down.  A DNA test may be your only definitive answer.