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Today i went to the doctor, and my blood level was a 4000is.  
I had my period on 4/3/2012, and then on april the 20th and 21st i had unprotected sex with my ex, he is not sure he came inside of me on the 20th but he sure did on the 21th. I took plan B (the 2 pills pack), on the 21 around 2 pm and then the second dose at 2 am.
Ive got my period on 5/1, first day it was kind of light, but then it came regular. On the 10th and 11th of may i had unprotected sex with my bf and he came inside of me.  
I missed my period on May 29th(it had to come on day that), and three days later i took a pregnancy test and it became positive. The next day, i went for an ultrasound and they say it was too early, and nothing showed up.

Site note: if i became pregnant with my ex i wouldve been 8 wks by the time of the ulltrasound and somehing wouldve shown. But when i had my ultrasound according to the docs (bc my period came on may 1st), they say it is 4 wks and thats why nothing shows up?.

Please help me with this matter. I'm about to loose my mind.
Im having an ultrasound two wks from now and i guess they'll give me a more accurate date of how far long i am.


Hi Marcia,

It is very likely the father is your current boyfriend.

1.  You took Plan B after having sex with your ex.  It is very effective within 72 hours.
2.  You had a period in May, and it was fairly normal.  You can not have a "normal" period if you are pregnant.  Yes, you can have some bleeding though.

Doctors base the date on your LMP.  You would actually conceive about 2 weeks later.

Yes, at 8 weeks you should have seen something clearly.  At 4 weeks a gestational sac MAY be detected.

I believe it is your current boyfriend.

Hope it helps.