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I know this sounds bad but listen to my story. My bf and I have been together for four years and about five months ago we made an agreement to "sew some wild oats" before we get married; he did his thing and I did mine. Well, my last period was April 3 (regular period) I had unprotected sex five days before it came. I don't know if he came in me or not. And then had protected sex with another guy on April 13, and unprotected sex with my bf April 24. Four days later ( April 28) I started implantation bleeding, I know it was implantation bleeding because it started out light and then became a little more heavier but not like a period (lasted 12 days). April 30 I took a pregnancy test which came up positive. I went to the doctors to get a confirmation on my pregnancy on May 5. At that time pregnancy was confirmed but my hcg level was too low. An ultrasound was given but only the beginning of a gestational sac could be seen. The doctor said that I was approximately four weeks ( two weeks from conception). Blood work was done on May 6, my hcg level was 771. I have been reading lots of articles on the internet and based on when I had my last normal period, implantation bleeding and the early ultrasound I would think the baby belongs to my bf. I also experienced early pregnancy symptoms when implantation bleeding started. I am now 21w5d. Any theories on who the father is will be greatly appreciated


I would think your partner would be the baby's father..however a DNA test is for the best and not to go on who you think could be the father