My son Curtis was born in 1994 with hydrocephalus. When he was 14 days old he received a VP SHUNT and has never had to have it replaced or removed. In 2008 I noticed he had a big indent in his scalp. Since then he has produced many more indents in his scalp. After many Images, CT Scans and Drs appointments nothing been diagnosed with him. They think I am nuts when I tell them that Curtis' head is like a plum that is becoming a prune or a grape that is becoming a raisin. I thought that maybe his shunt was draining to much fluid. They tell me no that his shunt is fine. Then my Dr told me the other day that he feels it has nothing to do with the shunt but came up with some other word that I had no idea what it was and now can't remember what it was. Then he says that since Curtis was born with an X-linked chromosome it may have something to do with that. I am so concerned for my son and not getting any answers. I was told a yr ago that I had a 6 yr wait to get in to see a Neurologist. I asked why it has to take so long to get in to see one and my Dr told me that if Curtis shows no signs of any shunt malfunction then he cannot be referred to a neurologist. My son is Epileptic,Autistic CP Diagnostic and has learnIng disabilites. He was born with abducted thumb syndrome as well. I don,t know what to do or where to go for help on this issue.