I am a 57 year old female with multiple health problems. Most of all, born with a birth defect that occurs 1 in 1 milllion. At birth, C-1 was fused to my skull. I have never met another person with my bd. I had my 1st surgery in Denver in 83, they drilled 4 holes-2 in C-1 on my skull and 2 holes in C-2 then wired them together to fuse. I was in a halo for 3 months and then another brace for 3 months. Since then I have gone down hill, been in chronic pain, and had 2 other cervical fusions. I had a plate from C-2 to C-7, losing all mobility. Then one of the screws backed out and was about to perforate my esophagus. The doctor in SLC went back in and took that plate out. The disks had mostly all fused on their own so the next plate is from C-5- C-7. As I type I am headed back to my neurosurgeon. As I have read some post, we are all suffering from debilatating pain. I have facet disease where the foramina close on my nerves thus causing pain all over my body. Also, severe osteoarthritis. I have had both thumbs fixed. I have retired from teaching w/disability. I have not had a life since I was 26 yrs. old. It has effected my ability to do anything. As the yrs. went by, the disks in my neck all deterioted and my left jaw fell out of place allowing my miniscus disk to fall out. I had to have surgery for that and they pulled the disk back up and wired my jaw together, too tight, causing chronic ear infections for about 18 yrs. now. I fear I am losing my hearing in my left ear. But mostly dealing with the pain is a daily thing. I have been on oxycontin for about 15 yrs. for pain. Is there anybody out there that has this defect and if so please give m your history. This has been a cross to bear-I have had 1 suicide attempt. The state wants my driver's licenses, that is all the freedom I have left. Help-I have a wonderful supportive husband of 35 yrs. and a 25 yr. old son, that understands.