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Today, I am 7dpo-- Day 22 in my cycle. My period is due the 28th. I've been experiencing light cramps/twinges in my lower abdomen. Sometimes radiating more towards the right side, and other times to the left, but mainly staying in the middle. Occasionally I'll feel some pain in my lower back, but not as often. I've also noticed my cm changed to a thick, white, lotion texture. -- I've never experience cramps this early before my period. I only have more severe cramps that occur the first day of my period. -- So this is very unusual for me.

I had unprotected sex multiple times on my fertile week. My calender says I ovulate on the 14th, my boyfriend ejaculated twice on the 13th. After both times, I washed myself out with water in the shower the best I could. I'm aware that this does NOT remove all the sperm, but I know I got some out. -- We aren't TTC. Is it possible that I could very well be pregnant? I'm very worried and concerned.

When should I test? Thank you(:


Warm bathes and stay away from google. It will make your worrying even more severe.


Not bad advice, that — stay away from Google. :)

The cramps you describe don't really sound like early pregnancy cramps to me, but every woman is different. The early signs of pregnancy you really want to be on the lookout for are:

* Nausea and vomiting

* Constant fatigue

*  Mood swings/being overly emotional

* Needing to pee much more often

* Sore breasts

And the crown jewel, a missed period, of course. 

It is possible to experience some or all of these signs about a week after conception, but it usually takes a little longer, more like two weeks. 



I know this was quite a while ago but i was wondering if you were pregnant, i have similar symptons?