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So my last period was on the 24 of may, its not the 29th of may and no period. a week and a half ago i had what I THOUGHT was the PMS I almost always get a few days before my period. But there was something odd about it. My boobs NEVER get sore when my period comes and my back never hurts...and not only were my boobs slightly tender my nipples were painfull to touch and still are now. I've been keeping track of the days we have sex, as well as the days i start/end my period.

Me and my husband are trying for a we hope this is it, but are these things early signs of pregnancy?

mild lower back discomfort, no period, and slightly tender /heavier feeling breasts with very sensitive to the touch nipples. If i am i'd probably be about 4 weeks if i'm right in my guessing when it may have came to happen, so what are common things at 4 weeks?


My early signs of pregnancy were sore breasts (it didn't even compare to what I normally get before my period), frequent urination, bloated stomach, crampiness, and mood swings from hell. I got those even before I missed my period. Then a little later, morning sickness and a super sensitive sense of smell came along. Oh, I was also tired as hell all the time. 

It sounds to me like you could be pregnant. Of course, you don't know until you know. My personal advice is to keep it easy and don't get too excited yet. Do a pregnancy test, which it sounds like you can, time wise, and then get excited after you get the results if you're pregnant.