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So.. this was my first time having sex, but I don't have a hymen due to tampons. We didn't have vaginal, but we had anal and his cum dripped down into my vagina. We got as much of it out as we could, but now I'm beginning to have some symptoms and I'm worried if I could be pregnant.

my symptoms are- slight nausea, fatigue, tender breasts, and I'm having severe cramping in my lower abdominal area ( around uterous area). I also have re-acurring ovarian cysts, and at first I thought it could be those acting up again, but I've never had the tenderness in my breasts or have been quite so fatigued as this before.

At this point, I was wondering if I was pregnant and spoke to my boyfriend about it, but he said the signs shouldn't be showing up this early and that it couldn't be pregnancy.

It has been about four or five days now since we that day we had sex, the first of the signs appeared on day three (cramping), day four followed with fatigue, and finally today with tender breasts and nausea.

Am I pregnant? Could signs show up as early as this?


oh, did I mention the first day of my last period was about 3 weeks ago? Lasted about 5 days. And I have an irregular cycle.


There are several factors at play here. 

I've heard that some women do say their first signs of pregnancy show up as soon as four days after the deed, but I really don't see how that is physiologically possible. I think it takes implantation of the embryo, which happens about a week after conception, for those pregnancy signs to start showing up. 

Secondly, it is quite hard for you to get pregnant from some semen dripping in the general vicinity of your vagina without vaginal sex. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it is not very likely. 

In conclusion, those two things considered, I think it is not likely that the symptoms you are having are pregnancy symptoms. I'd see a doctor to make sure you're OK, personally.