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I was on the depo for 8 years and then i got off of it when i got with my husband.. i got off it in april 2012 and got my periods back in october 2012 and still no baby.. what should i do!!!


Hi Jenn,

the general rule is - if you and your husband have been trying for a baby for a year and you didn't stay pregnant, it's best for you both to see a fertility doctor. Depo shots shouldn't cause this big problem with your fertility, but I think you'll need to make sure and have your hormone levels checked. If your periods are regular, that usually means that you ovulate as well, but it might be the best to check, either by yourself (using a ovulation kit) or with an ob-gyn. Home ovulation kit can help you in a different way, too - you're most fertile during your ovulation, so having sex then maximizes your chance to stay pregnant.

Wish you all the best,