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I had a cyst on my ovary removed nov/2012 I have not had a period since dec/2012. (it's been about 3 months) i had a negative pregnancy test result. Me and my husband really want a baby, what are the chances of getting pregnant after the procedure? please help!!!!


Your chances of becoming pregnant in the future have probably not been affected to any significant degree by the fact that your cyst was removed off your ovary. If the cyst was benign and there were no other associated problems relating to your pelvic organs such as your Fallopian tubes and womb, your fertility should be fine.Your ovaries still produce the hormones that regulate the release of an egg every month from its surface. A home ovulation test can help confirm monthly that your ovulating and you should test around every 3 days since your not having periods. It is possible to ovulate without a monthly period. You should check with your doctor to make sure your physically okay to conceive a baby. At your appointment the doctor will be able to give you a better yes or no if your body is producing eggs and ovulating. Good Luck and I hope everything works out and you can get pregnant :-)