Thank you ladies for sharing. This is my experience. Almost 8 years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I was 27 yrs old and had been on BC since I was 16. I took a 6 month break and had my daughter. Prior to my child I tried every BC under the sun....pills, shot, Nuvaring, condoms, foams, creams (I didn't do the patch) but all had side effects. The Mirena IUD was the last ditch effort. After I gave birth 6 weeks later I had the IUD placed. It did hurt but my OB GYN (who was a female Nurse Practitioner NP) said it was due to my cervix quickly rebounding to my pre preg state (I was breastfeeding). For the 1st 5 yrs it was glorious. I always had really heavy periods as a kid (I was 9 when I had my 1st period) so the IUD was a God send. The 1st 3 yrs I didn't even have a period. I was ectastic but a bit worried where the blood was going. No one told me the IUD puts your body in a constant state of false pregnancy. After the 1st 3 yrs, I finally got a light periods that lasted 3 days max. PRE IUD, I would bleed heavy for 5 days and my periods would last up to 9 days. So this was heaven or so I thought. I got a period tracker app on my phone and my periods came like clockwork. They were so light I could have sex on my period and my husband was none the wiser. After 5 years of the 1st IUD I loved it so much I did it again. BIG MISTAKE. First the BV (bacterial vaginosis) came. It was a pain to get rid of and every month my period came I would smell fishy and horrible, I never smelled this bad even on my period. Especially after sex. The semen would react to the BV and I smelled like a fish factory. Even one day my husband commented on it. It was so bad I douched (which is a BIG NO NO) and it went away.....for a few months then came back. It would pop up every month like a yeast infection. But I couldn't keep taking antibiotics. They were wreaking havoc on my body and sex life.  Then I noticed I would get a period in between. It would be a gush that lasted a monent then go away 2 days later. I just took it as a normal side effect the doc said it was normal to have breakthrough bleeding. Lets fast forward to now, 3 years later of dealing with recurring BV. I changed my diet, drank Kefir, cut the processed sugars, drank alkaline water to no avail. And of course with the breakthrough spotting that happened every now and then. I was at my wits end! About 2 months ago, I noticed I didn't have a period for over 2 months. Even though that was normal for the 1st time I had the IUD placed, but with the 2nd installment I had light periods that consistently came monthly. I had an expired preg test I took and it came up positive. I went to the store and bought 2 more and it came up positive. I freaked out! I went to urgent care and they poked and prodded me with blood draws, urinalysis, ultrasounds but no baby was seen. All in all it was a chemcal pregnancy. No one told me the official term I had to Google it. It seems that male urgent care doctors run away from a crying woman who is miscarrying. But the more I did research the more I found out that breakthrough bleeding was chemical miscarriage. A chemical pregnancy is when the egg is fertilized but had no where to implant so the body aborts the tissue. Come to find out the IUD is supposed to PREVENT fertilization AND implantation but its A LIE. It only prevents IMPLANTATION. While your body fights with the IUD to stay pregnant, the IUD wins everytime. Theres no telling how many chemical pregnancies I had. It took a week of poking and blood draws to see where my HcG levels were. On the IUD they want your levels lower than 10. When that happened I got my period.  Two days later I went to an OB GYN to have it removed. I was in the middle of my period but he did it anyways. I BLED FOR 15 DAYS AFTER THAT! Fast forwarding to 40 days later (now) I got my period. Its so heavy I had to go to the store to buy super heavy and overnight pads. For the past 8 years all I needed was panty liners. I am in the tub right now crying my eyes out. I've been bleeding like a stuck pig for 2 days now and I just want to feel normal again. Even though I am going to miss the light periods I've done the best thing for myself which is to gain back the control of my fertility.  Along with the smell of the BV is gone. Even my period doesn't smell right now. I'm beginning to feel normal again, sort of. I thought I was alone until I found this blog. This is the 1st blog I have ever shared on. Good luck ladies, you're not alone.