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Have you and your partner been trying to get pregnant for a little longer than you'd like, or are you just starting off and hoping to give yourself the best possible chance of conceiving as soon as quickly as you can?

Read about these natural ways to boost fertility, and for whom they will work!

How to increase fertility

Human fertility is pretty complicated, and everything you do in life affects your reproductive system as well as your general health. Things like poor nutrition, smoking, or even (for men) having that laptop near the testicles for too long can all impact your chances of conceiving very negative. Timing intercourse to coincide with the female fertile window is also extremely important for those who want to get pregnant sooner rather than later. Maximizing a couple's fertility basically involves three separate categories. One is eliminating choices that harm fertility, the second is making decisions that will actively increase your health (and your fertility), and the third is knowing the best time to conceive.

Stop doing things that harm your fertility

Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are habits that have a huge impact on male and female fertility alike. Both are also extremely dangerous for a fetus, especially in the first few weeks of a pregnancy. If you thought that only women ought to stop smoking and drinking, because she is the one who gets pregnant, think again. Alcohol and tobacco reduce a man's sperm count and quality. Second hand smoke has been shown to be just as harmful as smoking a cigarette yourself, so smoking dads to-be are also just as dangerous to an unborn baby as smoking moms to-be. Those women who have a Body Mass Index that is either significantly too high or much too low also benefit from reaching a healthy weight before they start trying for a baby. This increases the chances of getting pregnant, and also sets the future baby up with the best chance of being healthy. Finally, there are some indications that stress has a negative impact on fertility. Stress relief is always a good idea, whether the theory that stress can stop you from getting pregnant is ultimately true or not. Explore ways to relax, alone or together as a couple. Once you become parents, knowing how to de-stress will do you a lot of favors :).

Ways to boost fertility

Eating a healthy and balanced diet helps a man's sperm stay healthy, and can make his sperm count go up. Women, too, will be more fertile and give a new embryo a good start when they eat well. Of course, eating more fruits and vegetables and avoiding processed foods as much as possible will boost your general health fertility. Getting tested for nutritional deficiencies before trying for a baby will give you a definite picture of the quality of your current diet. Many women who are trying to conceive take a prenatal supplement, including folic acid. Folic acid, a B vitamin, has been proven to help prevent neural tube defects like spina bifida. Folic acid takes a while to build up in the body, so plan on starting about a month before you ditch your birth control. Men who are trying to conceive benefit from folic acid as well research has shown that men who take a folic acid supplement every day have a higher quality of sperm. This is not surprising when you take into account that folic acid plays an important role in repairing DNA. Men who want to become fathers should make sure they wear loose underwear made of natural fibers like cotton. There is a reason why testicles, which produce sperm, hang on the outside of the body; those swimmers do better at a slightly lower temperature.

Let's talk about sex

Besides actually stopping the use of contraceptives, finding out when the female half of a couple ovulates is the simplest way to increase your chances of getting pregnant. There are many methods to detect ovulation. An online ovulation calendar calculates the date you are most likely to ovulate on using the information you provide about your cycle. Ovulation tests, which look for a hormone that signifies the egg has been released, are an extremely reliable way to find out when a woman is fertile. Avoid the temptation to have sex multiple times a day to increased your chances of conceiving, as this can be counterproductive. Also forget about the idea that not having sex in the weeks before ovulation will somehow swing the odds in your favor when ovulation rolls around.

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