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A DNA paternity test is the most accurate method to confirm the biological relation between the alleged father and child. The DNA test’s results exclude he who is not the father by a margin of 100% accuracy, and confirms the biological paternity by 99.999%. I did the test at home. A DNA kit was delivered at my doorstep. For more information about the DNA test, or to order at home a paternity test, visit ***edited by moderator*** web addresses not allowed


This is good if you do not need the DNA testing to stand up in court or to be used for any legal grounds.
When a DNA test is used for these purposes you must go to a trusted site, show picture ID of all parties involved, the site will take a picture of all parties involved in the blood work so the courts will have testimony the DNA was drawn from the correct parties and not someone else.

Great if you want the test for personal proof but not a great idea if you want it for legal proof of paternity.
Hope this helps.