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my mom was drunk and  a lot of  truths came out and she told me on my 20th birthday  her past history after breaking up with my father on  maybe mid-late September she slept with another guy on October then she got her normal period she was not worry about anything then around Halloween she get morning sickness i presume she was around 4/ 5 weeks pregnant ( since i am also the same way around 4/ 5 weeks ) 

after all my father at the time did not believe i was his daughter cause he didn't believe i looked like him and a lot of people said i  was some irish guy's kid  that hanged around with my mom (also she slept with and admitted it) ( we do look alike a bit) 

after i was 1 years old he tried to be their as the biological father at the end he wanted a dna test but my mom slammed the door and refused to take it i always told her why and  she never wanted to prove it i was his kid that she knew for sure which is weird and odd  and also never wanted me to take the last name and refuse to help me and my dad mom has always been a good liar  she once told me that this guy from jail was my father when i was a kid until i was 14 she admitted that she lied all this time . it hurts that we dont have a strong mother daughter relationship she might has mental problems i suspect im the same way also .

i dont know who is the father ...i feel no connection with him  only friendship since he acts more friend teenager and doesn't understand me or wants to emotionally and also makes me feel bad  where are very different he is more ethic rules (latino) which he always says im not like him im more the irish personality ( which i am  irish)  hot temper behavior no morals and nothing like him  ..........

please i need help im confused with the conception 


You do not need your mothers permission to take a dna test now that you are older than 18. My suggestion would be to sit down with the gentleman and discuss taking a paternity test. They can get expensive but if you split the cost it can be somewhat afforable. Another solution would be to call a tv show like maury and they can do all the dna test of any man possible and it is no cost to you. They also pay for your travel cost if you live in the United States. Sorry you dont have a profile so not sure where your from.