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I was wondering if somebody help me determine the father of my baby I slept with my ex il call him man A at the end of September I then slept with my current partner around the end of October now I've been giving a due date of 15 of July I was just wondering if it were possible for me to be pregnant by man A by online calculators I had a period at the start of October but I really can't remember is it possible for ultrasound to be so wrong? Also I'm currently 24weeks pregnant and I've been told they count from lmp does that mean my baby is 22 weeks old??


Hi Misguided,

With a due date of 15 July 2015 your LMP was calculated to be 8 October 2014.

In that case your current partner is the father.  You were not pregnant before then.

Due dates are based on your LMP, not when you actually conceived.  Why?  Because most women know exactly when that was.  In addition, pregnancy isn't immediate.  It can take several days. In case you are still worried, you can take DNA prenatal paternity test.  

Yes, the baby is about two weeks "younger."

Hope it helps.