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Im 15 years old and about 1-2 weeks ago i was in the shower when i noticed that something on my testicles did not look right. When i felt it i noticed that on the top of my right testicle there was a small pea sized lump. The lump also feels like it can wiggle a little but not move off of the testicle. The lump also does not cause any discomfort or pain. i dont know if it is a symptom or not but i also get VERY bad stomach aches all the time (at least 3 days a week). please help i am very woried but i am kind of embarassed to ask my parents to bring me to the doctor to get it looked at. Thanks :-)


i had the same prob but im 17 it might be a chist wich is kinda like a zit i figured out what i did wit mine was took a sewing needle and poped like a pimple not saying it is but look on google search scrutom chist i spelld it wrong if it is just pop it